The Meeting of the Chairman of the ACD Cultural Coordination Center with the Association of Iranian Calligraphers

November 5, 2022


Mr. Mohammad Jafari Malak, the new chairman of the Cultural Coordination Center, along with Dr. Ghahraman Soleimani, the former chairman of the center, met and talked with Mr. Barati, the executive vice president of the Calligraphers’ Association at the location of this association in Tehran.

In this meeting, the ways of expanding the cultural cooperation between the Association of Iranian Calligraphers and the Cultural Coordination Center of ACD, and the Center for the Development of Persian Language and Literature of India were discussed.

Referring to the effective capacities of the Cultural Coordination Center in extensive interaction with the Association of Iranian Calligraphers, Jafari Malak explained certain parts of the international capacities and future plans of this center.

Calligraphy is the Language of Culture

By listing some of the activities of the Persian Language Center in India, Dr. Soleimani announced the readiness of this center to develop joint cooperation with the Association of Iranian Calligraphers and added: “Calligraphy has a strong link with culture, that is, it is a kind of cultural language itself.”

It is worth mentioning that the Persian language and literature and the art of calligraphy are two arts that are intertwined with each other and transfer literary concepts from one generation to future generations, and calligraphy has been the cause of the survival of many literary materials. Calligraphy and literature are complementary and have a close relationship with each other.

In addition, Mr. Jafari Malek also expressed that the Cultural Coordination Center is ready to establish continuous and extensive communication in this field with the literary world of ACD member countries and to create an eternal work and a lasting document in the history of Iran and the world.

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