ACD Cultural Coordination Center and the Secretariat of FICTS to Cooperate in Producing the Documentary “Oriental Gems” and Launching the “ACD TV”

November 27, 2023



The ACD Cultural Coordination Center hosted the officials of the Secretariat of the Fédération Internationale Cinéma Télévision Sportifs on Monday, 22/10/2023. This meeting was attended by Mr. Mohammad Jafari Malak, the Chairman of the Cultural Coordination Center of Asia Cooperation Dialogue (CCCACD), Mr. Ahmed Abdollahpour and Mr. Mohsen Shojakhani, the deputy chairmen of the center, Mr. Seyyed Mojtaba Alavi, the secretary of the FICTS in West Asia and Arab and African countries, and Mr. Mohammadreza Rezaei, the Iranian director and producer of movies, regarding two projects: the production of a documentary titled “Oriental Gems ” with the aim of introducing contemporary prominent cultural, literary, artistic, and sports personalities of Asian countries and to launch the “ACD TV” on the VOD platform with the aim of acquainting the Asian communities with the culture and history of one another and to promote greater mutual understanding in the direction of forming a single Asian society.

It is to be noted in order to implement this plan, the member states of ACD will asked to introduce their celebrities in the above-mentioned fields and the documentary will be produced by a professional documentary-producing group.

As per the second project, a TV network will be created on the VOD platform called ACD TV. In this plan, Asian communities can find their favorite programs very quickly and easily. The contents of this TV, which will be in the fields of culture and tourism, will be provided by the member states, and the audience can access them by subscribing to IPTV.

Stating that the above two projects fall under the third objective of the ACD Cultural Coordination Center, i.e., “Commemorating the Services of Prominent Cultural Personalities of Asia” and keeping in view the important role of the media (film, cinema, and television) in creating convergence and strengthening these projects will definitely be welcomed by the member countries.

At the end of the meeting, Mr. Shojakhani suggested that the above two plans be submitted to the honorable President of the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization to obtain guidance and preliminary support.

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