Asian Sports Film and Photo Festival Will Be Jointly Held by the ACD Cultural Coordination Center and FICTS

November 28, 2023



In e meeting with Mr. Seyyed Mojatba Alavi, the secretary of the Fédération Internationale Cinéma Télévision Sportifs (FICTS) of Iran and the representative of this Federation in West Asia and Arab and African countries, Mr. Jafari Malak, Chairman of the Cultural Coordination Center of Asia Cooperation Dialogue (CCCACD) emphasized on the implementation of joint programs and regional cooperation.

On Sunday, 12/06/1402, Mohammad Jafari Malak, Mohsen Shojakhani, and Ahmed Abdollahpour, the chairman and deputy chairmen of the CCCACD met with Mr. Seyyed Mojatba Alavi, the secretary of the FICTS in his office and about the implementation of cultural and artistic programs. in Asia.

In this meeting, Mr. Jafari Malak, after presenting explanations about the cultural programs of CCCACD, emphasized the readiness of this center for any cooperation with FICTS. Then, Mr. Shojakhani briefed Mr. Alavi about the history of the establishment of the center and its cultural programs.

Thereafter, Mr. Abdollahpour explained that, as a regional center in Asia with 35 members, CCCACD proposes to organize a joint festival of sports film and photos with the cooperation of FICTS, hosted by a volunteer ACD state member. And if FICTS is prepared for it, the proposal would be brought to the notice of the ACD secretariat and the ambassadors and representatives of the member countries to receive their support in the implementation of this festival.

Welcoming the proposal, Mr. Seyyed Mojatba Alavi, the secretary of the International Sports Film Festival of Iran and the sole representative of FICTS in West Asia and Arab and African countries, suggested the festival be held in April 2024.

It is to be noted that the festival of sports films and photos will be held in order to create competition among filmmakers, and program makers, discover young talents and introduce creative personalities. This festival will be held at the level of ACD member countries.

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