Fajr International Handicraft Festival

Participation of Famous Asian Handicrafts Masters and Artists in

November 27, 2023



The second meeting of the Cultural Coordination Center of Asia Cooperation Dialogue (CCCACD) and the Department of Handicrafts of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Tourism, and Handicrafts was held on Sunday 08/10/2023 to discuss the ways of cooperation and participation of the parties for holding the Fajr International Handicrafts Festival and determining the conditions for the presence of foreign guests.

In this meeting, Ms. Tavahodi stated that the Fajr International Handicrafts Festival, which has the approval of the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution and is the second international experience of its kind will be held from 17 to 20 February 2024 and it is intended to invite the ministers and ambassadors of the participating countries for closing ceremony.

Thereafter, Mr. Abdollahpour suggested: that the honorable Deputy of Handicrafts of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts should include two programs: “Honoring the Cultural Personalities of Asia in the field of Handicrafts” and “Holding the First Cultural Week of ACD” in its plans for the next year.

Welcoming the above suggestion, Ms. Tavahodi stated that by planning and implementing such programs in the field of handicrafts, Iran’s central, historical, and civilizational position will be stabilized in the world.

Mr. Jafari Malak also suggested that since “Highlighting the Outstanding Role of Women in Asian Culture” is one of the approved programs of CCCACD, therefore, a part of the above-mentioned suggested program can be allocated to women, and if this is done, other specialized centers can be invited to participate in it.

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