ACD Secretary-General Meets with the ACD Cultural Coordination Center

September 5, 2023


H.E. Dr. Pornchai Danvivathana, the Secretary General of ACD, and his accompanying delegation met with the Chairman of the Cultural Coordination ACD, Mr. Mohammad Jafari Malak. on Monday, August 23, 2023.

This meeting, which was attended by Deputy Chairmen of CCCACD, Dr. Mohsen Shojakhani and Mr. Ahmad Abdollahpour, Mr. Tahmasebi the Chairman of the ECO Office of the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ms. Ashtiani, the Chairperson of the Asian Cultural Documentation Center, Dr. Mohammadkhani, Deputy Chairman of the Beautification Center of the Tehran Municipality, and Mr. Yarmohammadi of the Sri Lanka and Iran Friendship Society, began with

Mr. Jafari Malik welcomed the Secretary-General and his accompanying delegation and presented a brief report on the establishment process, actions taken, and the future plans of the CCCACD. While inviting the honorable Secretary-General to visit Iran in late November or early December 2023 to inaugurate an ACD Cultural Week, Mr. Jafari Malak also requested him to extend his support to the activities of CCCACD so that it would be possible to take more effective steps towards Asian solidarity and the formation of an Asian society with the ability and strength to compete with other human societies.

After listening to Mr. Mohammad Jafari Malak’s report, Dr. Pornachai Danvivathana expressed his happiness and surprise at the importance given by the Islamic Republic of Iran to CCCACD programs and projects and added: “Although we had little information about this center, with the explanations you provided, I am sure that many things can be done, not only through the secretariat, but also with your cooperation as the Chairman of this center, and also with the cooperation of the Islamic Republic of Iran, which is going hold the Chairmanship of the ACD for the next one year. I must say that this Iranian center can do many good things and I appreciate the efforts that have been made so far.


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