The Perspective of Cultural Cooperation among Asian Countries in the Field of Women and Family

June 30, 2023


In the meeting of Dr. Jafari Malek, President of the Cultural Coordination Center of ACD, with Dr. Ms. Khazali, Vice President for Women and Family Affairs of the President of Iran, different areas of cultural cooperation with Asian countries in the field of women and family and benefiting from the cultural capacities of the two sides were examined and discussed. Introducing the Cultural Coordination Center of ACD and its history, Jafari Malek exchanged views with Dr. Khazali with regard to cooperation in the above-mentioned area and added that we look forward to a bright future in this regard. Mr. Khazali also brought up the desired issues and it was decided to investigate the ways and means of cooperating with Asian countries in the field of women and family, especially holding a summit of elite and academic women. Drawing the perspective of joint cultural cooperation and benefiting from the capacities of the Asia Cooperation Dialogue was an agreement reached between the two sides in this meeting.

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